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Hi everybody, my name is Kelly Taylor and I come from Brno, Czech Republic. Tomorrow is my big day. Finally, after six months of hard everyday work, I decided to have some nice time and go on holiday. Australia has always been one of the places I had wanted to visit one day, and now, with my great new job and the wage I get for it, it is finally affordable for me to get there.

My plane is leaving tomorrow morning. Now I have all my luggage packed, tickets prepared on the table and just can't get to sleep. It seems that, even though I thought it would never happen to me again, I'm suffering from the well known 'go fever' I used to get when I was young and going on holiday with my parents. Though I'm a big girl now, it seems that I won't be spared this again.

As I don't know what to do now and the morning seems far ahead, I got the idea of killing some time by creating this blog and writing my first post. I will also try to use this blog to inform you about the progress of my journey whenever possible, so if you are interested in how I am doing, please visit this page every few days.

And now enough, my eyes are getting closed, it's finally time to go to sleep.

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